Ken Coates

David Stobbe / Stobbe Photography

Lead, UArctic Thematic Network on The Commercialization of Science and Technology for the North

In my role as Canada Research Chair and Director, International Centre for Northern Governance and Development, I am pursuing some significant projects related to northern development and circumpolar affairs. I am currently working on three major initiatives:

Circumpolar Innovation: I am examining the nature and extent of innovation in the Circumpolar world, with a view to gaining lessons for Northern Saskatchewan. I am particularly interested in innovative approaches to the delivery of governments and efforts to commercialize scientific and technological discoveries.

North Below the North: I am working with Greg Poelzer on a study of the circumpolar sub-Arctic. With much of the political attention focused on the High Arctic, much less study is being devoted to the more heavily populated and economically important sub-Arctic. This study is looking at the socio-economic and political evolution of this vital region, of which northern Saskatchewan is a crucial part.

Northern Saskatchewan Human Development Project: Northern Saskatchewan faces significant socio-economic problems, ranging from unemployment and below average incomes to challenges sustaining traditional economic activity. We do not, however, have a proper baseline for understanding the regional and public policy issues that are vital for the future of northern Saskatchewan. This socio-economic study, a centre-piece of the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and undertaken with Greg Poelzer, will be maintained as a long-term initiative in order to chart changes related to government policy and northern economic activity.

For more information see Dr. Ken Coates research website.