About The Network

Commercialization of Science and Technology for the North

The overall objective is to develop a network that supports research and teaching on commercially viable scientific and technological innovations that will support Northern families, communities and societies.

The network, based among the members of the University of the Arctic, will collaborate with government agencies, commercial associations and private companies on the identification of;

  • opportunities for practical and applied products and services,
  • barriers to commercial innovation in the Circumpolar world,
  • infrastructure needs for active participation in the innovation economy, and
  • other elements required for the North to be truly competitive and properly supported in the rapidly changing circumstances of the 21st

Innovation comes in many forms in the modern world, from social innovations designed to spur major societal changes to innovations in government programming and administrative operations that improve social or cultural outcomes or organizational efficiencies.  The development of scientific and technological solutions to pressing societal needs is a sub-set of the broader academic, government and organizational world of innovation. Commercial innovation has become a high government, regional and entrepreneurial priority, as northerners seek to capitalize on the global opportunities emerging out of sustained scientific and technological discoveries.